6 of 101 Unique Ideals for Startups…

1. Set unrealistic goals. Goals that fire you up and keep you stretching wake you up early in the morning and keep you working late when you’re worn out. Realistic goals are for the average Joe. Defy the odds. Set a new standard. Step up.

2. Hire a bookkeeper/CPA from the very beginning. This must be an essential component to your team to help you stay organized financially and should help improve cash flow.

3. Talk to a mentor at least once per month. This mentor should be someone who has reached the goal or come close to what you desire. Get feedback, guidance and BE TEACHABLE. How do find a mentor? Ask.

4. Solve a problem through your business. Don’t just create something new or duplicate something else. Be a solution to your end users.

5. Develop a self-talk habit to combat your fears and doubts. There are so many distractions and competing thoughts happening around you. You’ve got to be the driving force in your head. Maintain the progressive and positive self talk needed to defeat the negative.

6. Watch your activity. Make sure it’s productive and not just active. Don’t get busy doing things that don’t add to your bottom line. For example, make important business calls during the day. Update your social media content at night (after hours) when making business calls may not make sense.

More to come…. We have 101 of these!

From my old manager, no thanks

Check out an email I probably accidentally received from my old manager last night:

I have two openings for outside sales professionals.  Ideal candidates will have two or more years of B2B experience, funnel management skills, experience running professional appointments and proven prospecting abilities.  Top performers make six figures.

If you know anyone who might be qualified and is looking to break into the telecom industry, please share my contact information.  For immediate consideration just reply to this email with a resume.


I replied and told him I already worked there and I was doing awesome now with a new Start Up. But no thanks!

Interesting. I hear he hasn’t hit his quota since I left. I wish him well. He’s got all the makings of a good corporate achiever.

$33k per month

Mitech Partners, LLC has reached $33,000 in monthly revenue and climbing. Only $50,000 more to go to reach the goal of 83,000 per month. ONLY. Seems like just a few short months ago we were starting at $0.00. Oh what a little hustle and no sleep will get you. Progress! Revenue is a projected $400,000 per year and momentum is increasing daily. Revenue is projected to be $1,000,000 by the end of September 2014. Within 1 year we will have turned a start-up idea into a 1 million dollar company.

The following new Partners are joining our team and vision to help us reach this revenue platform:

Mt. Juliet Communications

The TAREG Group

Harris Communications Group

Road shows coming up! Stay Tuned!


I love cold calling (and failure)!

I hear and see so much talk about why cold calling doesn’t work and why we as sales people should stop…

Are you kidding me! I close business almost weekly because of cold calls. My business gains so much momentum because of cold calls. They are part of the fundamental marketing plan no doubt.

Sure technology has made it easier to correspond and prospect. But nothing replaces picking up that phone and finding out who is NOT interested in speaking with you about your product of service. Yes I said NOT.

My goal every time I cold call is to get a certain number of NO’s. After I get those Nos or call for a certain amount of time, I’m done. I could care less what I got from it immediately.

The effort of cold calling produces an energy of absolute momentum in my business in the right direction.

I think so many sales people are so scared of the phone they come up with 1000 reasons and ways to avoid cold calling.

But here’s the deal: The more you fail (the more rejection you get) the quicker you’ll succeed.

Don’t try to succeed by avoiding failure. It’s impossible.

Fail often and fast! Your income will soar. (This was a great write/read for me).