Over 500k in Hotel Biz this month

Mitech just submitted its 5th hotel deal for the month of March! Over $500,000 in 5 year contracts deals for Hotel business this month. Good job Team! Let’s keep it moving.


Plans never go as planned

I don’t know about you but I set up my 2014 to go like clockwork. The only problem is it seems the clock is broken.


Life happens. Late January I had to bury one of my best friends from childhood. Recently I just lost another loved one. All this emotional coaster to deal with while diligently setting aggressive action goals daily and working to reach the pinnacle of a one million dollar company by Sept 26, 2014.

Life happens they say. I heard someone say once: don’t let life happen but happen to life. Easier said than done.

Here’s my take away: At the end of the day or season, we will have a story to tell. A story of all the valleys, the lessons we learned, the personal growth, the uncomfortable stretching, the love, the hate, the beast of it all. Not only is this journey no joke (up and down), it seems like time stands still when you want it to move in fast forward. So much for clockwork.