Giraffes don’t listen to turtles…

When you are a giraffe and get criticism from a turtle, the turtle can only speak from their lowly perspective. Don’t waste time trying to respond to what turtles see when you’re clearly seeing what a giraffe sees. They just can’t see what you see.

Approaching 1M in sales by September 2014… #dontsleep

The goal to 1M in revenue within one year is coming together as we remain in phase one activity (massive action). We are approaching 40k per month in sales with the Mitech book of business. The goal of 84k per month in sales is in sight as we continue to build our book of business. 

We’ve added some heavy hitters in the area of IT referral partners in Middle Tennessee and Memphis. 

Also adding residential services to our portfolio has expanded our reach and ability to grow sales exponentially. 90% focus is still on business services since there is a passive income opportunity for agents. But by combining the two (business and residential), Mitech isn’t leaving any money on the table when the opportunity presents itself.

As new agents ramp up and build their team of IT consultants, Mitech is poised to potentially double the 1M revenue goal by the end of 2014. There is no limit on what’s possible with growth at Mitech. 

As always, #dontsleep

4 Sales Agents on board and rocking it out!

We have just filled 4 seats for sales agents with Mitech Partners for a total of 8 deals closed within 1 week. Not bad for a new team! 



As we build the Middle TN office, we are looking to partner with other self-starters in markets across Tennessee and Georgia. First stop will be Memphis. We’ve got the RIGHT playbook and we’re building the necessary relationships to win.

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