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Get Off Your Assets with Bill McCleskey

BC - final1More than ever people want to leave their jobs and become entrepreneurs, especially sales people. And it makes sense. If you’re a great sales professional, why not do the work for yourself and get paid more money? This is exactly what I did. Working for Comcast Business as a Business Account Executive (BAE) for 13 months was enough for me to realize that I NEEDED to be an entrepreneur.  Within 10 months, I doubled my income. Within 2 years, My company – – was featured in multiple publications. Within 4½ years, Mitech was featured in the Nashville Business Journal as one of the largest minority firms in Nashville, Tennessee according to gross revenue. We now have nearly 300 Sales affiliates throughout the US and over 1200 clients like Holiday Inn Express, Quality Inn, Zaxby’s and Farmers Bank & Trust. Now that’s a story we all love to hear.

But the success of my launch didn’t just happen in those 10 months. It started when I launched my first company as a freshman in college. I had some lessons to learn that had nothing to do with how to office space or financial statements. As a freshman, I started the journey to build the necessary characteristics within to become an extraordinary entrepreneur. Although I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, navigating the maze of entrepreneurship molded certain qualities in me that helped me rise to the top. The journey to become who I am today started 1000 steps ago.

image-1Every week, someone sends me an email, text message or calls asking for advice on how I left my job and became a full-time entrepreneur. Their questions mainly pertain to how to set up a company with the State of Tennessee, or where they can find cheap office space. But inevitably, I steer the conversation to why they’re starting a business or want to go full time as an entrepreneur. You see, setting up a business with the State is easy. Moving forward on a business idea when potential clients or vendors tell you no is the hard part. The innate qualities we nurture as individuals are sometimes the only assets we have to get us through tough times when we’re building an idea.

When you’re knocked down 7 times, what makes you want to get back up the 8th time? Are you able to turn off all distractions and maintain an intense focus on your work despite what’s going on around you? Can you push yourself passed your perceived limitations? Are you willing to wake up 3 hours earlier each morning? Can you even operate on 3 hours of sleep?

The question is not can you, but will you? And does your true purpose drive you to do so every single day?

Entrepreneurship is not about your product or service. It’s about you becoming a different person. A better person. The best version of yourself. If you are willing to grow through the pain, you might have a shot. If you are willing to grind when you’re tired, there’s hope for you as a business owner. But if you cool with being average, entrepreneurship is not the game you want to play. Keep your job and excel there.

Bill McCleskey preaching.jpg

This entrepreneur journey is not for the faint at heart. It will chew you up and spit you out without even thinking. Your will inside is the only thing that will determine your path.

Sure you can find mentors, raise money and form strategic partnerships, but unless you have 100% resolve to win, I recommend keeping your job.

This book is for those kindred spirits who have reached out to me repeatedly asking for advice or anyone who wants to leave their day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. My message is simple. Harness, nurture and develop your internal assets first before you make the leap. Otherwise you’ll get eaten alive!

See updates on the book Get Off Your Assets release here:

Cheers, Bill McCleskey –


Bill McCleskey and others join Nashville Black Chamber Board

Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce announces new members

by PRIDE Newsdesk • March 12, 2018

The Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce welcomed nine new members to its board of directors during its board meeting in February. The new members are Issac Addae, Stephanie Hale, Bill McCleskey, Joshua Mundy, Ashley Northington, Steven Pelmore, Robert Ray, Jr., Emmanuel Reed, and Marcus Whitney. The board provides strategic vision and leadership for carrying out the chamber’s mission to economically empower the Black community through the promotion, education, and advancement of its businesses and their partners, while focusing on the development of business opportunities, alliances, and legislative advocacy in the greater Nashville community.

“We are elated to welcome these new board members and the energy they will all bring to the chamber and its various initiatives,” said Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce President Carolyn Waller. “Each new board member has a unique perspective, and we could not be more excited about the potential of their collective impact on our organization and our membership.”

The new members are:

Issac Addae

Isaac Addae, is an assistant professor of management in the College of Business at Tennessee State University who is currently pursuing a PhD in business administration with a concentration in management. His research interests include: entrepreneurship (opportunity recognition, social networks), social enterprises, strategy, international business, and technology management.

Stephanie Hale, MBA, PMP, is a marketing strategist. Hale has experienced a successful career in building businesses and driving innovation in retail, hospitality and consumer packaged goods. She is a proactive change agent that looks for growth opportunities by building brand strengths and company competencies.

Bill McClesky

Bill McClesky, founder and CEO of Mitech Partners, LLC a technology company located in Nashville. Mitech Partners helps IT Consultants and Tech Sales Professionals earn money on business telecom/cable services. McClesky has gained over 300 clients like Zaxby’s and Comfort Suites in only a year for his company.

Joshua Mundy

Joshua Mundy, owner of Music City Cleaners, ZAM Investments, The Fortitude Group, and co-owner of TWC Enterprises, LLC. Mundy is a visionary; whose goal is to build generational wealth through business ownership and leave a legacy of giving in the community.

Ashley Northington

Ashley Northington, agency director and founder of DENOR Brands and Public Relations. Northington is a seasoned communication strategist with a wealth of experience developing campaigns that transform data into engaging stories that ultimately influence public policy, programs, and partnerships.

Steve Pelmore Jr.

Steve Pelmore Jr., is a tax services manager for Hoskins & Company. He joined the Hoskins & Company team in 2014 after serving 5 years as a Tax Compliance Officer for the IRS in Nashville, Tennessee. Steve currently serves as the Tax Services Manager for Hoskins & Company and has served his country as a U.S. Army Officer.

Robert Ray Jr., founder and CEO of Classy Canine’s Pet Salon. Ray enforces strong leadership skills to ensure efficient & effective utilization of resources. He established and integrated the functional strategies of the company utilizing business expertise to reach financial/operational goals and objectives. He has been in the sales profession for 9 years and is a licensed Insurance sales professional with American Income Life Co. As well, he is as a Client Advisor for Infiniti of Cool Springs.

Emanuel Reed

Emanuel Reed is a Nashville native, Tennessee State University graduate, and entrepreneur who is involved in the creation of multiple companies with two other business partners. Reed is one of the founders of Slim and Husky’s Pia Beeria and The Green Truck Movers.

Marcus Whitney

Marcus Whitney is an entrepreneur who is actively leading several companies including Jumpstart Foundry, an early stage healthcare innovation fund; Health: Further, an inclusive community of people passionate about innovation in Healthcare; Nashville Soccer Club, Nashville’s professional soccer club, set to begin play in March 2018; and The Unlikely Company, a public benefit corporation dedicated to inspiring and educating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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Anastacia McCleskey welcomes Rejection

My sister is an award-winning Broadway performer – Anastacia McCleskey – who’s been in multiple highly acclaimed shows like Hairspray, Hair, Waitress and more.. Consequently, she’s auditioned for hundreds of roles only to have been rejected most times. Although her success is evident, she’s mastered a principle we can all use no matter what field of work we choose.. check out this week’s #TGIFwithBill #thegrindincludesfriday #tgif