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6 of 101 Unique Ideals for Startups…

1. Set unrealistic goals. Goals that fire you up and keep you stretching wake you up early in the morning and keep you working late when you’re worn out. Realistic goals are for the average Joe. Defy the odds. Set a new standard. Step up.

2. Hire a bookkeeper/CPA from the very beginning. This must be an essential component to your team to help you stay organized financially and should help improve cash flow.

3. Talk to a mentor at least once per month. This mentor should be someone who has reached the goal or come close to what you desire. Get feedback, guidance and BE TEACHABLE. How do find a mentor? Ask.

4. Solve a problem through your business. Don’t just create something new or duplicate something else. Be a solution to your end users.

5. Develop a self-talk habit to combat your fears and doubts. There are so many distractions and competing thoughts happening around you. You’ve got to be the driving force in your head. Maintain the progressive and positive self talk needed to defeat the negative.

6. Watch your activity. Make sure it’s productive and not just active. Don’t get busy doing things that don’t add to your bottom line. For example, make important business calls during the day. Update your social media content at night (after hours) when making business calls may not make sense.

More to come…. We have 101 of these!