Data Unlimited lands Choice Hotel client for Mitech Partners

Roger Hines at Data Unlimited Atlanta brings another Hotel client under the Mitech Umbrella. This Hotel property is part of the Choice Hotels Franchise and will implement the mDTA TV Solution with Comcast Hospitality. The hotel will also add Comcast Business phone service and a 2-modem Internet option at 50mbps.


Hotel owners are getting frustrated with the liability of a TV box in each guest room. The boxes come up missing, are damaged or stop working which prevent guest rooms from being rented temporarily. The One-Box solution (also known as the mDTA or Q2Q devices) eliminate this problem all together. There is a charge for the one-box device but pricing is comparable since there is a monthly charge for each room box also.

For more information on this solution for your Hotel property, contact a Hospitality Account Rep at Mitech Partners.

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*Mitech Partners is a telecom broker in Nashville, Tennessee focused on helping hotels and other businesses save money and time when shopping, ordering and getting support for internet, phone, TV and alarm services.

Fulin’s Asian Cuisine adds another location with Nashville Telecom Broker

Fulin’s Asian Cuisine has some of the most authentic Asian food in a restaurant setting. Just take a look at the reviews online for yourself. We are happy to assist in providing their telecom, internet and TV needs at Mitech Partners, LLC.

Fulins Asian Cuisine_F

Fulin’s has a new location going up this March 2015 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at 417 N. Thompson Lane. Stay tuned for the opening late March, of course after the Telecom services are installed!

Mitech creates Smiles… That’s just what we do ;)

It’s always a joy to hear back from a satisfied customer:

“Mitech Partners was able to do what I thought was impossible — they made
my cable and internet purchase and installation an easy process. With one
quick phone call I was able to get my telecommunications needs handled
without blocking half a day waiting for someone to install my serves. By
being customer focused, Mitech Partners revolutionizes the way cable and
internet services are provided.” – Mike Morris

Mike is not unique in his experience. We treat everyone the same at Mitech. Golden!

Resell Comcast Business with Mitech Partners

Mitech Partners has become one of the top Master Agencies selling Comcast Business in Tennessee. Bill McCleskey – Director of Nat’l Sales – previously worked at Comcast as a Business Account Executive and saw an opportunity to build residual income and a team of partners. After only 15 months, Bill McCleskey has seen Mitech grow to close to 150 sales partners (primarily IT Consultants) who can offer Comcast Business to their customers.

“We add an average of about 1 new sales partner to our team every day,” say McCleskey. “With that growth, we are putting together processes and systems that will facilitate 450 partners by the end of 2015.”

Sales Partners at Mitech can sell Comcast Business through their password protected back office and earn a residual income on their customers for the life of the contract.

Kenny Beverley at Twins Technologies says “It just makes sense. I was recommending my customer get Comcast Business anyway. Now I get paid to do it.”

Interested in selling Comcast Business and earning Residual Income?

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