TGIF with Bill – Episode 16 – Are you committed though?

Are you committed to your goal? Or is this just another ready, shoot, aim target? Commitment means doing what you said you would do long after the mood in which you said it in has left you. It’s not something you should do. It’s something you must do! I explain it in 4 minutes #tgifwithbill #startupgrind #startuptips #nashvilleentrepreneur


Anastacia McCleskey welcomes Rejection

My sister is an award-winning Broadway performer – Anastacia McCleskey – who’s been in multiple highly acclaimed shows like Hairspray, Hair, Waitress and more.. Consequently, she’s auditioned for hundreds of roles only to have been rejected most times. Although her success is evident, she’s mastered a principle we can all use no matter what field of work we choose.. check out this week’s #TGIFwithBill #thegrindincludesfriday #tgif

In 2013, a Comcast Business Sales Consultant resigned and started a telecom firm to disrupt the traditional process of shopping for, ordering and getting tech support for telecom. This blog is an account of growth and adventure.. from 0 to $1M+ in revenue, from 3 to 200+ referral partners and more. #WeGrind