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If I hear one more aspiring entrepreneur or business professional tell me they want to take their life to the next level, I actually may start telling people to go take ice cold showers to wash off the BS. I when I say BS, I mean Belief Systems. Some people’s belief systems have kept them in the same place for years. Even though they may express wanting more out of life, the BS always puts a lid on their elevation.


Going next level is just one of those sayings. People say this because they want more out of life or their business. They want to make more money, get more recognition and make a larger impact. But when it comes down to it, most people who say this are doing just that. They’re saying it.


And you don’t just manifest everything you say. Contrary to what some think the law of attraction is about, we can’t just sit around speaking affirmations and magically attract what we want. Even more revealing, we don’t get what we want. Yep I said it. Just because we have a desire for a thing or condition doesn’t mean we’ll get it. And even if we do get what we want, if we’re not the person who would attract it, we won’t be able to keep that thing.

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This is why most people who win a lottery statically are broke in 5 years. They wanted money, they got it, but didn’t become wealthy. So they lost the money.

Going next level requires pushing beyond perceived limitations. And many times, these perceived limitations are belief systems that society places on us.


As Americans, we are bombarded with ideas, opinions and beliefs about everything from politics, religion, business, health and relationships. You can’t turn on the TV without seeing commercials working hard to brand their name in your mind. Scrolling through your feed on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn include ads and all your friend’s perspectives on whatever.


And this daily prejudiced interaction also includes face to face conversations. From parental feedback to boss reviews, it seems like we are only a make up of whatever we expose ourselves to.


This is why it’s so important to monitor what you listen to, watch and read. If it doesn’t help you advance toward your crazy extraordinary life goals, then it shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine. And any threat to your environment should be eliminated immediately. That includes people and any other intangibles.


I believe that in order to change the world and reach your biggest goals, you must reprogram who you are as a human being. It’s absolutely necessary for you to get clear on what you want to achieve, what kind of life you want to live and know how you want to contribute. After you have defined this clearly, you’ve got to spend time becoming the person who would attract the success you desire.


I wrote about this in my previous book GET OFF YOUR ASSETS. It’s a principle called Be-Do-Have. You must BE before you can DO. And you have to DO before you can have. In short, this means instead to working hard and only DOING the work to HAVE what you want, we must prioritize BEING the right person who would achieve these goals naturally.


For example, if your goal is to earn $250,000 per year, working hard at the right job or business can certainly get you there. But the path of least resistance is to first develop the traits of one who already earns $250,000 per year. Is this type of person an early riser? Do they show up on time to meetings or are they always late? Do they have a morning routine? Are they healthy eaters? How do they spend their spare time? What’s their work ethic look like on and off the job?


Modeling someone’s actions who has already achieved this $250,000 per year goal is a sure way to make this objective a reality. This also requires eliminating an existing belief system you may have. You see, your current belief system has gotten you to where are now. If you earn $80,000/year now, that’s where your belief system has tapped out. If your business earns 2 million in revenue annually, then as its leader, your belief system has provided the Lid. John Maxwell calls this The Law of the Lid. A leader’s business will only grow as much as the Leader has grown.


Since you’re the Leader of your life or business, growth requires you to delete disempowering beliefs and adopt a new regimen and psychology in order to achieve your dreams.


Become a new person to get a new result.


THE GRIND INCLUDES FRIDAY is a mind shift about what it takes to achieve massive results.


Friday has become this pseudo work day. When I was in the corporate sector working for a large company, I’d plan to work Friday morning and stop at 11am. I had plenty of flexibility with this job, so I’d go home around 11am, take a nap and wake up to prepare for the weekend! Working a full day on Friday was totally foreign to me primarily because I was already successful not working on Friday.


I earned over $100,000 only working 4 days per week at Comcast Business and had no problem slacking off on ‘Friyay.’  But I adopted this from my work environment and society as a whole.


How many Happy Hours on Friday are promoted heavily on your TV or social media feeds? Some companies have dress down Friday or work from home Friday for employees. I’m not saying this is wrong. This flexibility in the work force has certainly made sense from an efficeincy point of view. But it does give the idea that Friday is not the typical work day. It’s more like a casual work day. And what does that do to productivity?


For those of us who want to change the world and add massive value, Friday is not just the last day of the work week. It’s an opportunity to get that much closer to your goals. It’s not a day of quitting early. It’s a day to quit procrastinating. It’s an opportunity to quit playing it safe. And it’s a time to quit allowing society to place their lid on your potential.

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