8 to faint

I often hear people say they need to work smart in order to be the difference. Or in order to be successful… Really? As if working hard is stupid.

But let’s be real. Working hard is a must folks. You’ve got to do the things most people won’t do over time (also known as grinding) to get what most people don’t have. This is called working hard, getting up seriously early… sometime on Saturdays. Staying up late, getting very little sleep at times, missing a meal or 2.

The miracle of the result is in the discipline, not the talent or the smarts…

Nothing wrong with working smart. In fact I encourage it!

But what if we worked hard at working smart? Wouldn’t that be the killer combination? NO doubt.

As a mentor of mine once said, ‘I worked 8 to faint to make my dream a reality.’ I’m sure he meant working hard. And that was the smart part about it.