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Mitech Partners, LLC (mitechpartners.com) is a Business Communications Firm providing business internet, phone and TV service to companies nationally. We’re a start up company that launched September 2013. We’re headed to 1 million dollars in revenue by September 2014.

$1 Million | 1 Year | 1 Objective   dontsleep

Most start ups fail within their first year and those that last at least 1 year fail within 5 years. Those that last 5 years fail within the first 10. I don’t know the stats after 10 years, but most stats probably stop there because there’s usually no one left.

Even though the stats are bleak, America continues to ride the prosperous highway on the backs of small businesses. How ironic, or maybe not. This blog details the journey of one entrepreneur who starts from scratch with a goal to build a million dollar company within 1 year.

The good days and the bad ones. The high moments and the low ones. The personal distractions and other fleeting ideas all directed to one aim: $1 Million in revenue within 1 year after leaving his 6 figure income job. The stats say he will most likely fail as he has in other ventures. But experience is a great teacher. Maybe he can defy the odds this time. Only the blog will tell.

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In 2013, a Comcast Business Sales Consultant resigned and started a telecom firm to disrupt the traditional process of shopping for, ordering and getting tech support for telecom. This blog is an account of growth and adventure.. from 0 to $1M+ in revenue, from 3 to 200+ referral partners and more. #WeGrind

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