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Are you reaching your full potential or the potential of others?

When I was in corporate America, I set my goals based on what the company required of me. Now I set goals based on what I can actually accomplish. Big difference.

business plans are easy. i think.

business plans are easy. i think.

I actually started Mitech about 3 months before I left my job but officially August 25 when I turned in resignation. Yes, I left the plantation for freedom… which has some relevance to me being African American. Running away from slavery was of course forbidden 200 years ago. But so was thinking outside of the same old box. So frog leaped as my son would say and made it happen. And about 35 days in, i own a company with over $10,000 in monthly revenue. Continue this for 12 months and we’ll be over 1.2M in annual revenue.

Oh but still updating the business plan. So the story is I already knew how to make money in this business. So I started doing that first. Mainly because I like to eat, have a son who likes to eat and several other responsible adult reasons. The biz plan will come. Then I can show it to someone who’s made something huge of themselves and see what they think. Not really needing funding right now. Just want to be on point in terms of direction, focus, clarity and strategy.

What do I do? I’m in Telecom. Details later.
Be Peace!