GET OFF YOUR ASSETS and Stay Committed by Bill McCleskey

Are you just hype for a season or are you committed for the long term? COMMITMENT is doing what you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has left you. Don’t have counterfeit passion as @inkyjohnson said. Maintain commitment through whatever process. Below are 3 ways to stay committed in Business.

I was the corporate guy who desperately wanted to go full time as an entrepreneur but was hesitant because I had a ‘good job’ and a son to take care of.. But I made the leap and 4.5 years later, we’ve built a national brand with 200+ sales affiliates and major clients like Holiday Inn and Zaxby’s. Folks, I encourage you to GET OFF YOUR ASSETS and harness what’s within to go next level in your business and life. My book GOYA: GET OFF YOUR ASSETS is available Monday, July 2nd at GOYABOOK.COM.. GOYA tells my story of how I made the mental shift to go from employee to entrepreneur and thrive like a champion. If you’ve ever wanted to go next level in business or life and make the shift within to attract success, this book is for you 💪💪.. Visit to be notified of the discounted book release. #goyabook #getoffyourassets #tgifwithbill #employeetoentrepreneur #startuptips #startupadvice #billmccleskeyquotes #nashvilleentrepreneur

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