Inglewood Elementary welcomes Bill McCleskey

[#Repost from @billdotme on IG]


I read and spoke to 4th graders at Inglewood Elementary today about being a business owner and how we can work together though we have many differences like race, gender, religion etc. Ironically, when the students walked in the library, they unconsciously segregated themselves for the most part (black boys at 2 tables, black girls at 1 table with 1 black boy, white girls at 1 table..) I asked them if they knew what they did? I had them get up and sit with someone different from themselves. Growth is sometimes about being uncomfortable.

I have been able to navigate as an entrepreneur primarily because I can build in any crowd, with any person. Success has no color or gender. If you follow its principles, you can achieve it. I really appreciate Leigh Patton and others for directing me to discuss such an important subject matter. If not now, when? If not us, then who? #becomeUNcomfortable #thegrind#billmccleskey #successleavesclues#startupgrind @commAchieves@metroschools @inglewoodes@mepragency


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