Tristan Walker [Day 24] #BlackInnovatorsinTech


If ever there was a role model for young African Americans in Silicon Valley, it’s Walker.

This Silicon Valley entrepreneur is building a modern personal care line for people of color and recently raised $24 million from top venture capitalists and celebrity investors such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson, John Legend and NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala. He has inked a deal with Target to sell its flagship product Bevel, a single-blade razor system for men and women with coarse, curly hair, in select Target stores in the United States and on and recently rolled out a new trimmer as a companion to Bevel.

“He’s a real forward thinker and a real visionary,” hip-hop artist and Walker & Company Brands investor Nas said. “There have been so many products out there for people of color that were not owned by people of color and that matters. Tristan comes from a different way of thinking. Tristan comes into it seeing what’s missing in the industry and it’s important for him to change that.”

Walker’s company reflects his values: Six out of 10 senior leaders are women and 50% of staffers are women. People of color comprise the majority while white men are a distinct minority.

“It’s good business. A more diverse workforce is a better workforce. A more diverse workforce is a better America,” Walker says.


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