Bill McCleskey speaks at Fisk University to Management Majors

Yesterday, Founder and CEO of Mitech Partners spoke at his Alma Mater to Fisk Business students about creating momentum in business as an entrepreneur. 

Mccleskey accepted the invite from one of his college professors Nicholas Umontuen, who taught him Marketing and Management in the late 90s. 

“I have had a unique journey from Fisk student to Sales professional in corporate America to now entrepreneur,” says Mccleskey who has grown 3-year old Mitech to over 200 Sales Partners throughout the US. Some major clients of Mitech include Nashville Electric Service (NES), Nashville Metro Government, Holiday Inn and Microsoft. 

“We’ve built our entire business on a strong work ethic, building solid relationships and disrupting the norm for  more efficient solutions. All of this of course leads to massive momentum,” he says. 

Bill spoke to Fisk students about how momentum is a must and a game-changer for anyone business wanting to elevate their status. These principles also, he claimed, could be applied to life as a student. 

While making his speech relevant and intercetive, students asked how they could keep in touch or even apply for internship opportunities. 

“I plan to make it my business to make it clear on what it takes to win in business to students all over,” Bill says. “The earlier we learn, the faster we can help others and have impact on our community.”


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