Telecom Broker and Consultant in Franklin, TN helps America’s Best Value Inn


Mitech Partners offers an opportunity for IT consultants to look like experts when it comes to business telecommunications. Recently, Ryan Telecom – a Sales Partner with Mitech Partners, LLC – landed a hospitality solution with America’s Best Value Inn providing upgraded solutions in Internet, Phone and TV service.


America’s Best Value Inn will now be provided with 2 Internet modems, unlimited long distance on all phone lines and a Free-to-Guest TV Service not requiring a TV box in each guest room.

Mitech Partners oversees the ordering process, site survey and installation. Mitech will also facilitate any support needed as long as the service is installed.

For more information on Hotel TV, Internet or Phone services, contact Mitech Partners directly at 877-780-1120 or email

Mitech Partners is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee but helps hotel customers in multiple states as far as California, Texas and Florida. Tennessee Satellite offices are located in the cities of Brentwood, Clarksville and Murfreesboro.


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