Mitech Partners, LLC is NOT EZ Business Solutions of Nashville

Previously, an article was published at stating Mitech powered an initiative called EZ Business Solutions. However, Mitech is in no shape or form affiliated or working with a company that calls themselves EZ business solutions based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The initial article – now deleted – was published solely in an effort to strategically place in google searches and not to show any partnership relationship. An EZ Business co-founder worked as a Sales Partner at Mitech Partners for a short time, then ventured into a company called EZ Business Solutions. But there are no true similarities between the companies. And there are no partnership agreements between the companies whatsoever.

So again, we want to set the record straight and clarify absolutely no standing relationship between Mitech Partners and EZ Business Solutions of Nashville, Tennessee. Please visit for any valid partnership agreements.

Mitech Partners is a telecom broker based in Nashville, Tennessee and has helped hundreds of Businesses nationally (as of May 2015) choose Internet, Phone, TV and Alarm services. Mitech’s current focus is Hospitality and the State of Tennessee initiatives. Clients include Allstate Insurance, Value Place Inn, Fairfield Inn Marriott, Condos, Montgomery Bell State Inn & Conference Center, HCA, Macon Medical Center and many more.

Partner with us:
Phone: 877-780-1120

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